The Toyota Tacoma has remained a popular truck for so long because it sticks to the traits that made it a fan-favorite in the first place. These include always being ready for tough conditions, smart cabin designs, and power for hauling in the bed or towing trailers. Well, the 2020 Toyota Tacoma makes several changes to the truck in the form of new technologies, but it doesn't stray from the model that has created a following over the years. See what has changed with the info we've provided below!

Why Should You Consider a 2020 Toyota Tacoma?

Where the power comes from remains the same in the 2020 Tacoma as the four- and six-cylinder engines carry over, and you'll still have the option for a six-speed manual transmission. This also means that drivers can expect the same ease with towing jobs. The 2020 Tacoma will add a new infotainment suite that includes programs like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for smartphones as well as Amazon Alexa connection if you have smart devices at home. Want to have the oven preheating before you're home? The 2020 Tacoma lets you do so!

Many of the other changes to the new Tacoma are cosmetic, like a bolder front end, but there are still others that serve more of a purpose. The power-adjustable driver's seat now has more ways to adjust it to find the perfect position, and lumbar support reduces back pain after long drives. Other changes include a shuffling of the features you get in each trim level so that you're getting more value from each of them!

Think it is time for a truck or looking to upgrade from your current Tacoma? We can tell you even more about the 2020 Toyota Tacoma when you visit our dealership. If this overview of the brilliant new truck has you interested, you'll love what else our sales staff has to tell you about it!

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