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New Toyota SUVs, Now at Newbold Toyota

Why does one invest in a Toyota SUV? Is it the cargo space? The reliability? The ease at which the vehicles seem to spark a moment of adventurous spontaneity? The answer is undoubtedly a combination of the three, so if this sounds like your kind of style, you're going to want to look at the deep inventory of Toyota SUVs at Newbold Toyota.

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Find the New Toyota SUVs in our inventory at Newbold Toyota in O'Fallon, IL

Car buyers near Shiloh, IL, seeking a new SUV will likely consider models from the revered Toyota automaker. Toyota SUVs are known to be quite reliable and offer great value. These SUVs are thoughtfully built and can meet the needs of many around Edwardsville. Read on to see what's in the new SUVs from Toyota.

Toyota Highlander - The new Highlander is an excellent midsize crossover SUV suited to daily driving and a family lifestyle. It comes standard with a lot of useful tech and safety features. Top-level trims are more luxurious, with the XSE having sport-tuned suspension for better handling. A hybrid version is available.

Toyota Sequoia - This large SUV is based on the same platform as the Tundra pickup truck. It has excellent on-road and trail performance and can tow up to 7,400 pounds. The Sequoia has a three-row cabin and can seat up to 8 people.

Toyota Venza - The new Venza is built as a two-row midsize SUV. It has an upscale exterior and an equally luxurious interior. It is available with a hybrid powertrain which improves fuel economy. The Venza has increased multimedia utility and even has an optional panoramic roof.

Toyota CH-R - The CH-R is a modestly priced crossover SUV with numerous standard features. It offers sporty handling complemented by excellent fuel economy and an available hybrid system. Its comfortable ride quality makes it well-suited to long-distance travel.

Toyota RAV4 - The RAV4 has been a popular compact crossover SUV for years. It is notably built with a practical design and innovative technology. Its versatile seating capabilities and fuel economy make it a popular option with car buyers. It is available with a Hybrid and Prime variation.

Toyota Corolla Cross - This subcompact SUV is available with either front-wheel or all-wheel drive. It has adequate cabin space and vast cargo space to match. It complements its gentle ride quality with user-friendly tech features.

Toyota 4Runner - The 4Runner is ruggedly built to offer excellent performance on rugged terrain. This new midsize SUV maintains its tough classic attributes and has commendable tech features and a competent towing capacity. There are eight available trim models, each uniquely designed for certain capabilities.

Toyota bZ4X - The new bZ4X has an aerodynamic design to complement its competent electric motor. The all-wheel-drive system has the X-Mode feature. This all-electric SUV can seat up to 5 individuals and is available in two trims. Onboard tech is extremely user-friendly.

Benefits of owning a New Toyota SUV

Buying a new Toyota SUV enhances the utility you are likely to get alongside the automaker's many appealing attributes. SUVs from the Toyota brand have solid builds with functional and user-friendly designs. Their affordability is evident in the affordable cost of buying and maintaining them. These SUVs offer the user great value and are reliable for long-term use. The diverse lineup allows these SUVs to meet diverse St. Louis lifestyles and feature preferences easily.

What Makes Toyota SUVs Popular with Highland Drivers?

Toyota is one of the most popular and best-selling automakers today. This prowess is largely owing to the many years of market experience, which have allowed them to reach unmatched levels of reliability. Toyota has many long-running models well suited to diverse applications and needs. The automaker has commendable vehicles in nearly every category. Toyota vehicles are affordable, efficient, user-friendly, and easy to maintain regardless of the build. Toyota models also tend to have good resale values, making them quite popular with car buyers.

Considering the New Toyota SUVs would be a commendable choice. They have an excellent build that guarantees immense value, reliability, and longevity. Feel free to visit our dealership, browse Toyota SUVs' available inventory, and request a test drive around Belleville, IL.

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