Toyota Corolla vs Honda Civic

Make Sure You Buy the Right Compact Sedan by Comparing the Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic

At our Toyota dealership in O'Fallon, IL, we believe in helping our guests with every step of their search for a new car, which includes as they choose between models and brands. There is a lot to learn about every new car, but that's especially true for popular models that were just redesigned, such as the new Toyota Corolla!

The Toyota Corolla has long been a fan-favorite of many drivers searching the compact sedan class, and those drivers are sure to love what's coming in the new generation of the Corolla. Sleeker looks, more engine options, and cutting-edge tech put the Toyota Corolla ahead of the competition, which includes the Honda Civic. Interested in seeing what you can expect from both the Toyota Corolla and new Honda Civic near St. Louis? Read on to see our compact sedan comparison!

 Compare the New Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic

  • Get More Value from Your Toyota Corolla: Those drivers buying a new compact sedan around Edwardsville are searching this category of cars because they crave affordability and value, which the new Toyota Corolla provides. Along with a lower starting price than the Honda Civic, the Toyota Corolla comes standard with all sorts of features, from Apple CarPlay to LED headlights, that aren't standard on the base model Honda Civic. Plus, the base model Toyota Corolla gets better gas mileage than the base Honda Civic in both city and highway driving environments!
  • Enjoy a Greener Sedan with the New Corolla Hybrid: Having an eco-friendly compact sedan is important to many car shoppers around Shiloh, IL. Well, when comparing the new Corolla and Civic, you'll find that only the Toyota compact offers a hybrid model, which gets much better mileage than any Honda Civic can achieve with its only-gas engines. This new Toyota Corolla hybrid not only saves you money, but it also cuts down on your carbon footprint!
  • Greater Peace of Mind from Toyota Safety Sense: Both these new compact sedans near Belleville, IL come standard with packages of driver-assisting safety technologies. These packages, called Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 and Honda Sensing, include helpful features such as adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assist, but the Toyota Corolla comes with more, such as Road Sign Assist and Automatic High Beams as well as a pedestrian monitoring system for the pre-collision warning system. The Toyota Corolla also has a blind-spot warning system while the Honda Civic relies on an odd camera system to let you know if a car is in your blind spot.
  • More Technologies to Make Driving Easier: The new Toyota Corolla near Highland doesn't stop there regarding its smarts either as it has even more to offer that drivers won't find in the Honda Civic. These technologies in the new Corolla include smart systems, such as on-board Wi-Fi and a wireless charging pad, to make using smartphones easier for all passengers, and, again, they aren't available in any Honda Civic. The Toyota Corolla also offers an adaptive front-lighting system that swivels the headlights as you turn so that you see more of the road ahead, and it has ambient lighting for the cabin, which is sure to relax you on commutes and other trips!

Learn More on the New Toyota Corolla at Our O'Fallon Toyota Dealership!

That's a lot of info to digest about both the brand-new Toyota Corolla and newest Honda Civic, but we can fill you in on more of the former at our Toyota dealership serving St. Louis drivers! We believe that the Toyota Corolla can go toe-to-toe with any compact sedan on the market, and you can see that for yourself when you visit us, so do so soon!

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