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Avoiding the hassle of getting stranded at home or in a parking lot could be as simple as getting a battery test service near St. Louis, MO, here at Newbold Toyota. Our trained technicians can do it all, from checking the life of your current battery, to setting up a test timeline, and even replace it if necessary. Give us a call at 618-628-7000 to make your appointment today!

As one of the main power sources for you Toyota vehicle, the battery plays a large role in getting you on the road and towards your destination. Unfortunately, it does have an expiration date, which means you need to keep on eye its age and conditions. Take a quick look at your Owner’s Manual to see how old the battery is. You can also open up the hood and check the battery itself. Keep in mind that most last between two and four years, but factors such as extreme heat and cold can cause the battery to work harder and therefore shorten its longevity. Be aware of warning signs such as a delay when you put the key in the ignition or a rotten egg smell coming from underneath the hood. Also, if you have had to jump start your vehicle more than twice in the past month, it’s time to give us a visit.

Making an appointment for a battery test service near St. Louis, MO, is simple and convenient. In addition to calling us, you can also fill out our online Schedule Service form. We’ll get back to you soon to set up a time that best suits your needs – our hours range from Monday through Saturday so you don’t have to rearrange your day. Relax in our comfortable waiting room with a cup of coffee while our mechanics take a thorough look at your vehicle’s battery and perform the test. Sometimes all the battery needs is a good cleaning around the wires and connector points, as dirt and dust can cause a short with the electrical charge. Then, they’ll discuss a recommend replacement date to avoid getting stuck with an unplanned repair.

When you do need a new battery, come back to Newbold Toyota with our comprehensive Parts Department. Whether you drive a Highlander, Camry, or a Tacoma, we have the equipment available to get your vehicle in tip-top shape. Our selection includes Toyota TrueStart™ batteries, which are specifically manufactured to give you the best performance out of your Toyota car, SUV, or truck. Our services also extend to air filter and windshield replacements, as well as tire rotations and oil changes.

Make you way on over to 1282 Central Park Drive in O’Fallon, IL, to get a battery test service near St. Louis, MO. Newbold Toyota is proud to be your local dealership for sales, service, and everything in-between!  


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Sarah Modlin
August 22, 2017
John Eberle
August 20, 2017

Excellent Service

August 18, 2017

Nick Erlinger was the best salesman we have ever worked with when buying a car!! We told him what we wanted in a new Highlander and he quickly found just what we wanted. He is a no pressure salesman, very knowledgeable, and very helpful. Thanks Nick! Ed and Gay Graves

Excellent buying experience

August 14, 2017

We bought 2 new Toyotas in 2 weeks AND referred our son to buy as well. Nick took great care of us in all 3 and I highly recommend working with him. The finance crew is too notch and fast. We were in and out in no time.


August 12, 2017

Purchased a great car under two hours with a trade in. No pressure, no sales speach. Car met USAA certification for a USAA approved loan, but dealer found a better rate & made the application process quick & simple.


August 10, 2017

Mark Wakeford has been my sales associate for all four of my Toyotas. Even though I purchased a Ford in between this purchase and the last he worked with me to get the Highlander I wanted. He is easy to talk to and does his best to get the best deal possible. I would highly recommend anyone thinking about buying a Toyota talk to Mark. If this review helped you can even tell him I refer you. Terry Grider thoroughly went over all the financial documents and inform me of all my options. He and Mark work well together. I totally recommend Newbold for your next car purchase.

Dave Steen
August 9, 2017

The service was excellent from beginning to end.

August 8, 2017

Initially, there was not a Highlander in my preferred color. However, Mr. Harkins located a vehicle with all of my requested features and quickly notified me of its availability. He explained and demonstrated the use of the computerized updates and patiently answered my questions. When it was time to finance, Bob readily explained and clarified my options.

Kristen Lobsinger
August 7, 2017

General Manager "Fantastic", Sales "Not So Much"

August 7, 2017

Steve Steigman was highly recommended by his colleagues in the Carbondale, Il area. He gave me a very good price for Highlander XLE and I was very impressed by his sincerity, without really knowing me. He gets "5" Stars!!! However, my interactions with the Sales Representative Matt Enders was not so complete. I did not know that I could get an XLE Highlander Hybrid because that was never offered. Matt was extremely courteous, but did not offer the Hybrid idea and seemed a bit rushed and impersonal at times. After the purchase of my car, I never received a follow-up call to see if I were happy with my purchase (that is an important human interaction and very important to me). Since then, I traded my XLE in for a XLE Hybrid and I am extremely happy.

Delano McGlown
August 5, 2017

Great service

Third car purchased at Newbold Toyota

August 4, 2017

We have been very happy with the service and sales at Newbold. We bought our third Prius from Newbold on August 2, 2017. The sales person was Nick Erlinger who did a superb job of helping us choose the right car for us. We have had our previous two Prius's serviced at Newbold. They let us know of problems that we had missed so that we had trouble free years of driving.

Walter Leninsky
August 2, 2017

Excellent service. Great people to work with. Mark Wakeford is the man to see.

Excellent Experience

July 31, 2017

After many years with my loyal Toyota vehicle I was in the market for a replacement. I worked with Damon and from the onset he was interested in finding me a vehicle that closely matched what I was hoping for. He was patient while I navigated the field of Toyotas available and in the end exceeded my hope for my next vehicle and I am beyond glad with both the service and purchase. Definitely a fan of Newbold and its excellent employees

At no time did we feel pressured

July 29, 2017

At no time did we feel pressured unlike the other dealers we visited the previous week. Mark Wakeford was very helpful and so easy to work with.


July 28, 2017

I work across street at our other dealership. Usually when we work for same owner certain liberties can be taken like: not following up. Not calling people back etc.Doesnt happen here. Mark Wakeford answered questions when he didn't have a car. Remembered to call when he did. This is the way it was. Thank you Mark and Newbold Toyota! Dave Noones

An all day affair that turned out great

July 26, 2017

Highly recommend this place! I was having a difficult time finding a car in my budget and my bank made it quite a process, but all the guys there did so much for me. Josh Roseke really went out of his way to get me the car I wanted and endured the long process! Kudos to him for being so cool under such stress! He really went above and beyond for me and I can't express how thankful I am for that! He was not only able to get me a car I wanted when I was beginning to think it wouldn't happen, but he had the interior cleaned, too. I'm amazed at the deal I got with them and how far they went to make sure I was happy and left with a car. I'm truly grateful they turned my car buying experience into a positive one. Of all the dealerships I've visited, I have to say these guys are the best! They treated me so nice and made me feel better in general. The guys there are super fun and nice, I'd defend recommend this place to anyone looking for a car.

Very pleasant and knowledgeable Sales Consultant

July 26, 2017

Matt Endres, our Sales Consultant, was such a pleasure to work with. When my husband and I arrived on a Saturday morning, I was undecided between 2 models of Toyota sedans. Matt explained the differences and the packages of each car, without hesitation. He could answer all my questions and never pressured me to purchase a car that day. We test drove a car by ourselves, something our local Toyota dealership would not allow us to do. Matt made clear to us all the technology we will will be using in the 2018 Toyota models. He made us comfortable, being Senior citizens, that we would not be intimidated, but thoroughly enjoy either car. Monday morning, my husband and I drove 50 miles back to Newbold Toyota to purchase an Avalon from Matt Endres. We were so impressed with his knowledge of Toyota cars, and when sitting down with him to fill out papers, he was very personable with us that we felt we gained a friend at the dealership. We have recommended Newbold Toyota and Matt Endres to everyone as they admired our new Avalon.

Mg Kibria
July 19, 2017

Excellent auto service facility and very professional cordial staff also good reputable auto dealership.

Great dealership and sales rep

July 19, 2017

Nick Erlinger and the team at Newbold gave us a great deal and delivered the vehicle inside 1.5 hours. While I completed the paperwork, Nick walked my daughter thru the features and set up her Bluetooth for her. This dealership really made us feel taken care of. Highly recommended and have already referred my son to get in there asap!

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