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2016 Toyota Sequoia for Sale near St. Louis, MO

The 2016 Toyota Sequoia is a Capable Competitor


At Newbold Toyota, you can discover all of the 2016 Toyota Sequoia’s impressive features.  Have a seat in the cabin and see all of the innovative features in action when you take a test drive the 2016 Toyota Sequoia for sale near St. Louis, MO.  You can also find out more about its comprehensive safety features and active driver-assist technology.  The Blind Spot Monitor1, for example, helps you keep an eye on the blind spot areas to the side and rear of your car.  This innovative feature uses radar to scan these blind spots, so you’ll know if there’s a vehicle present before you attempt to change lanes.  

The 2016 Toyota Sequoia is built tough and powerful.  With up to 7,400-lb. towing capacity2, you’ll find that this vehicle is capable of hauling your passengers, their cargo, and even boats and trailers. When towing heavier items on hilly terrain, the Toyota Sequoia’s TOW/HAUL Mode selects transmission shift points to optimize the engine power3.   For even more towing assistance, Trailer-Sway Control4 manages engine torque and can apply brake pressure at each individual wheel to help you maintain control.   Its standard 5.7L V8 engine, paired with a 6-speed automatic transmission, commands 381 horsepower, which gives you more power than the Chevy Tahoe’s 355 horsepower engine and the Ford Expedition’s 365 horsepower engine.

The cabin of the 2016 Toyota Sequoia for sale near St. Louis, MO, has been cleverly designed to accommodate passengers and cargo.  With the ability to accommodate up to 8 passengers, the 2016 Sequoia allows you to take the whole family along for the ride.  Standard sliding, 60/40 split-folding, second-row and third-row seats have the ability to fold flat so you can find the perfect balance between cargo space and passenger space.  If you’re looking to haul more cargo than passengers, with all the seat’s folded flat you can access up to 120.1 cu. ft. of cargo capacity5, and when you need to bring even more cargo, the standard roof rack with available cross bars allow you to bring extra gear, like skis, surfboards, and sleeping bags6.  


Be sure to learn more about the Star Safety SystemTM, a standard system that combines six innovative safety features, such as Electronic Brake-Force Distribution and Smart Stop Technology7. If a collision does occur, the 2016 Toyota Sequoia in St. Louis, MO, has an Advanced Airbag System8 to help protect you and your family.  This system includes driver and front passenger dual stage airbags8, driver and front passenger seat-mounted side airbags8, a front passenger seat-cushion airbag8, and roll-sensing side curtain airbags8 for all road.  And, the 2016 Toyota Sequoia also features driver knee airbags8, a feature that’s not available on the Chevy Tahoe or the Ford Expedition. 

Find out even more ways the 2016 Toyota Sequoia stands out among the competition. Visit Newbold Toyota and test drive the 2016 Toyota Sequoia for sale near St. Louis, MO, today!


1. Do not rely exclusively on the Blind Spot Monitor.  Always look over your shoulder and use your turn signal.  These are several limitations to the function, detection, range, and clarity of the monitor.  For a complete list of limitations and directions regarding use of the monitor, please see the Owner’s Manual.

2. Before towing, confirm your vehicle and trailer are compatible, hooked up and loaded properly and that you have any necessary additional equipment.  Do not exceed any Weight Ratings and follow all instructions in your Owner’s Manual.  The maximum you can tow depends on base curb weight plus the total weight of any cargo, occupants and added vehicle equipment.  “Added vehicle equipment” includes additional standard/optional equipment and accessories added by the manufacturer, dealers, and/or vehicle owners.  The only way to be certain of your vehicle’s exact curb weight is to weigh your vehicle without passengers or cargo.  SR5 4x2 models with available 5.7L V8 and Tow Package. 

3.Payload capacity is the calculation of GVWR minus curb weight and should be used for comparison purposes only.  Actual curb weight, as opposed to the published curb weight, is affected by added vehicle equipment, as described below in the towing disclaimer.

4. Trailer-Sway Control is an electronic system designed to help the driver maintain vehicle control under adverse conditions.  It is not a substitute for safe driving practices.  Factors including speed, road conditions, and driver steering input can all affect whether TSC will be effective in preventing a loss of control.  Please see your Owner’s Manual for further details. 

5. Cargo and load capacity limited by weight and distribution. 

6. Do not overload your vehicle.  See Owner’s Manual for weight limits and restrictions. 

7. Smart Stop Technology® operates only in the event of certain simultaneous brake and accelerator pedal applications. When engaged, the system will reduce power to help the brakes bring the vehicle to a stop. Factors including speed, road conditions and driver input can all impact stopping distance. Smart Stop Technology® is not a substitute for safe and attentive driving and does not guarantee instant stopping. Please see Owner’s Manual for further details.

8. All the airbag (AB) systems are Supplemental Restraint Systems. All ABs (if installed) are designed to inflate only under certain conditions and in certain types of severe collisions: frontal and knee ABs typically inflate in frontal collisions; side and side curtain ABs in side collisions; Roll-Sensing Curtain ABs at a severe tilt degree, roll or lateral G-force. In all other accidents, the ABs will not inflate. To decrease the risk of injury from an inflating AB, always wear seatbelts, sit upright in the middle of the seat as far back as possible and do not lean against the door. Do not put objects in front of an AB or around the seatback. Do not use a rearward-facing child seat in any front passenger seat. The force of an inflating AB may cause serious injury or death. See yourOwner's Manual for further information/warnings.